The Challenge

Eden Gardens International has been in existence for several years, and Dorian began to get involved in it because it is headed by his former teacher, Dr. Kwesi DeGraft-Hanson. From the start, Dr. Hanson had been doing projects on his own, sketching them out on paper, but he didn’t have a website or logo that was ready to be placed on materials.

So, Dorian came in, started working on a few Landscape Architecture projects with him, utilizing both SketchUp and AutoCAD. During the process, he identified several things that needed to be done in order for the company to move forward from a branding perspective, and they were as follows:

  • A) Revise the existing Logo
  • B) Establish a new Website for the Company
  • C) Establish the navigation and colors according to the company’s Mission & Vision
  • D) Create Administrative Materials (such as a revised Contract, a new What We Offer EPK, new Business Cards, and more)
  • E) Most Important: Produce Landscape Architecture Drawings for Clients

A) Revise the Existing Logo

So, Dorian first went to work in re-creating the logo from the existing one. The graphic that you see on the left was created in both Autodesk Graphic and Adobe Photoshop. Because Dr. Hanson liked placing the text in a bold & italicized fashion on paper, Dorian made the “Eden Gardens” bold & italicized, and he then placed the “International” text in caps to reflect the fact that in Landscape Architecture firms, text is often written in caps.

B) Website Creation

Once the Logo was created and saved in several size variants in both JPEG and PNG formats, along with a “watermark” version of the Logo (to be placed in printed materials), Dorian  started “assessing” what could be the pages for the website based on the we Mission and Vision of the Company. He searched out the competitors of Eden Gardens International, and found that there were over 80 Landscape Architecture firms based in the Atlanta area. Most of these companies received their business by word of mouth because they have been well-established in the community; others didn’t even have a website at all.

So, Dorian went about establishing the focus of Eden Gardens International, which were Landscape Architecture, Land Planning & Land Development. He started by creating a mockup of the proposed website using OmniGraffle Professional.

EGI Website Diagram: OmniGraffle Professional

You also can access a full-blown mockup of the proposed website at the link below, which was created in Axure, and saved as a PDF document.

“EGI Mockup” Document

After collaboration with Dr. Hanson regarding the page hierarchy, Dorian went ahead with the Installation and Design Phase. He established the Hosting Plan, Domain Name, initiated the installation of WordPress on his site, along with the purchase of a WordPress theme. He then went directly into WordPress and created a “Coming Soon” page (which, at the beginning of the process, was the only page that was LIVE to the public), then created the other pages “on the backend” of the site.

After about a month of working on it, the screenshot shows the end result:

Eden Gardens International Website

You also can visit the “finished product” via the link below:

When the website was being created, Dorian also integrated Google Analytics into the site, placed the SEO Metadata (i.e. Titles, Keywords, & Page Descriptions via the Yoast SEO plugin), and thus far, since January of 2016, there have been just under 500 users that have visited the site. The number has been low because of the client not initiating a Google AdWords campaign, which would bolster the usage of the website.

Other Improvements

Dorian also went ahead and created Marketing materials for Dr. Hanson, some of which can be accessed below. An Electronic Press Kit was created in Apple Keynote presentation purposes for both residential and commercial clients, and also saved in Microsoft PowerPoint format. The existing EGI Proposal and Contract were revised in Apple Pages, and saved in Microsoft PowerPoint. A What We Offer document was created for distribution via email to prospective clients. A front and back version of the Business Cards were also created in Adobe Photoshop.

EGI: Business Card Front

EGI: Business Card Back

Lastly, Dorian established template documents in both AutoCAD and SketchUp/LayOut that were necessary for performing project drawings more efficiently than before.


“Basically, the structure of the company is much better now than it was in the past. We started from nothing (in essence) in terms of the company’s visibility; however, now Eden Gardens International has a platform in place to market to the public. Also, the methods in soliciting business to prospective clients, along with the process of executing services (via drawings) to clients is much better as well.”

Dorian J. Owens

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