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For the past 14 years, Dorian has been using the skills associated with User Experience (UX) Design, Website Design & Website Development toward clients. Being able to listen to the client, and then turning those thoughts into a “solution” that FITS the client has become quite fun and rewarding! Through using industry-standard software such as WordPress, Axure Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, etc., and learning the importance of and employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google AdWords and Google Analytics toward the end user, Dorian is capable of bringing this quality of “architectural creation” and design toward any project.

For your convenience, please peruse “The Method” below that Dorian uses, along with website mockup and portfolio examples below. Dorian looks forward to your response!

The Method

So, just how does Dorian go about performing this service to people and companies? Take a look at the “accordion” below, “in his own words!” NOTE: Dorian is open to learning new ways of doing things; however, this one has proven to be quite good thus far (lol)!

First, the client contacts me about their desire to create a website. I first send them a PDF that describes the process, with the “step” placed before them to fill out a Questionnaire.

Website Examples

Dr. Kimberly Ellison Website

Dr. Kimberly Ellison

This is a WordPress site that Dorian created for Dr. Kimberly Ellison. She is a motivational speaker, writer and mentor to young girls. After talking with her about who she is as a person, and getting to know her needs, it was determined that she needed a Responsively Designed website that would be optimized for all devices (desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones). Also, she needed an online store that allowed her to accept payments through PayPal for her t-shirts, workbooks, and more.

So, the process was initiated, and after numerous updates and convos through Slack, email, text and phone, it was completed!

Software Used: WordPress, Cornerstone, Revolution Slider, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Axure, Google Analytics


OCEANS is an acronym for “Organization to Commemorate Enslaved African Americans,” and its mission is to contribute to the advancement of the collective understanding about the significance of remembering, honoring, and celebrating all who were enslaved in these United States of America, and to foster reconciliation among the descendants of all the enslavers and the enslaved. Dorian was responsible for creating the Logo, Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, Balsamiq Mockups, WordPress, Revolution Slider, Cornerstone, Google Analytics


Eden Gardens International Website

Eden Gardens International

This is a WordPress site that Dorian created for a Registered Landscape Architect here in the Atlanta area. Dr. Kwesi DeGraft-Hanson has over 25+ years of Landscape Architecture experience, and so the purpose of this website was to give him further exposure to potential clients here in the Atlanta area and beyond. Dorian used some of his own photography in this project (below), and we used his existing work and logo to “redesign” his logo (below), along with Proposal and Contract templates, business cards, and an EPK for prospective clients.

Software Used: WordPress, Cornerstone, Revolution Slider, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Balsamiq Mockups, Google Analytics

R & W Motor Coach, Inc.

R & W Motor Coach, Inc. is a fleet of commercial, 50+ passenger buses located here in the Atlanta, Georgia area. In this particular site, the emphasis was on the images and services, so I took a field trip with the bus owner, Mr. Alan Robinson, to various locations throughout Atlanta to capture a series of “moments” of the buses in action!  All in all, this site shows what is possible when a “photo shoot” is arranged for a client in advance of a Website Creation, and then those shots are used for the site and other supplementary materials. After the shoot, Dorian proceeded to create a new logo for the company, and then integrated all of those elements into the Website Creation.

Software Used: Softpress Freeway Pro, Tumult Hype HTML5 animation software, Adobe Photoshop, Google Analytics, Evernote

R and W Motor Coach, Inc.

Melin Michelle Experience 2017

Melin Michelle Events

Melin Michelle Events (formerly known as Mete’Dela LLC) is a Full Service Planning, Management and Design Group. The owner, Melinda Brundidge, had a need of providing “experiences” to clients, not just toward the bridal industry, but also towards corporate and social clients. And so, through the heavy usage of HTML5 animations via Tumult Hype, Dorian was able to fulfill her needs, without going “overboard” on animation usage, to create moments that were designed to “wow” prospective brides in the bridal industry!

Software Used: Freeway Pro, Tumult Hype HTML5 animation software, Adobe Photoshop, Google Analytics, Evernote

Bridal Makeover Explosion

This particular website’s focus is to “capture culture and global style by displaying breathtaking bridal looks from all seven continents of the world.” Through the usage of Photography and Graphic Design, and by covering the past 3 shows over the last 4 years, we were able to create a series of “looks” that not just show the bridal competition aspect of the show, but also the sponsors involved in the event.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, Softpress Freeway Pro, Tumult Hype HTML5 animation software, Google Analytics, Evernote

Bridal Makeover Explosion

GTFI Website by Dorian J. Owens

Grace and Truth Fellowship International, Inc.

This website is based on a ministry’s needs in the Tampa, Florida area. Ernest R. Howell, Jr., the Pastor of GTFI, wanted to create an “open book” feel to the pages on the site, using the native church colors of navy blue and gold. Dorian also created their logo, which helped “move” the ministry forward in terms of its overall reach towards the world. This site also includes Blog pages, and even a WORD Archive area (accessible from the WORD page) which allows people to access over 150+ WORD sermons at their leisure.

Software Used: Softpress Freeway Pro, Tumult Hype HTML5 animation software, Adobe Photoshop, Google Analytics

Unhindered Creations LLC

This website was the first one Dorian professionally worked on, beginning in 2003. It has endured several major revisions, the last one of which occurred in 2017. It now is “responsively designed,” ensuring that it shows up on all devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones).

Software Used: WordPress, X Theme, OmniGraffle Professional, Adobe Photoshop, Google Analytics

UC Screenshot

Dorian J. Owens

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